How do i install a plugin? (.tbin stardew)

At the moment i am having some considerable issues trying to mod stardew valley because tIDE fails to load the tbin file exported through XnbExtract, and i cannot seem to get Tiled to accept the tbin plugin.
So seeing as this is the Tiled community, can anyone help me with the latter problem?

There appears to be a lack of documentation on the subject of ‘installing’ plugins in Tiled, and after a lot of digging i finally found the Tbin-Master plugin written by Chase, but i do not understand how to make Tiled accept it. Including where under the plugin directory the folder is meant to go or if it is even meant to hold folders.
This after thoroughly following the discussion between the two on this site.
Or is this even the plugin i’m supposed to use?! IDK!

I am new to this software and need the help i can get.

There is no documentation about “installing” plugins, because the only supported plugins are those that are shipped with Tiled. Some of those plugins are disabled by default, which includes the tBIN plugin. Enabling this plugin is a matter of going into Edit > Preferences > Plugins and checking its checkbox.

However, and this is probably your issue, the tBIN plugin was added after Tiled 1.0. So you’ll only find it shipped with the development snapshots until Tiled 1.1 is out. While that release will hopefully be out soon, you should not hesitate to install a development snapshot in the meantime.

Thank you for the quick feedback, as i indicated in my original post, i already enabled everything in the plugins section and the tbin plugin wasn’t there, so yes i did not have the snapshot version.

Now that i have the snapshot installed and the plugin enabled, i’m wondering if something went wrong with the tbin file. this does not look normal, does it?
I’m pretty sure this should have art on it, and i cannot tell where the tile information should be showing up.

Indeed, it looks like it couldn’t find the tileset images. Did you extract those as well?

Do any tilesets show up in the Tilesets view, and if you click their “Edit Tileset” button, can you see the image file it tries to load in Tileset > Tileset Properties?

I only extracted the xnb of the map i was going to edit. do i import the tileset separately like adding an image in gimp or is there some kind of folder structure i need to adhere to when i open the map where the tileset has to be?

The tilesets are also in the .xnb files and need to be extracted just like the map.

I’ve tested it with XNBExtract and put all .xnb files in the “Packed” folder, ran the “UnPackFiles.bat” and then you have everything in the “UnPacked” folder as .png and .tbin files. All the maps (and many tilesets) are then in a “Maps” folder and from there I could open them fine.