Convert map to uncompressed and embedded in map

I hv an existing tmx map that was compressed and using external tilesets (tsx), how do I convert to uncompressed and embed in map for Phaser3 use ?


You can change the compression in the Map Properties (triggered from the menu by Map > Map Properties…):


Regarding external tilesets, I assume that rather than embedding the tilesets in each map, which you could do with a small button below each tileset, you may want to export your maps for Phaser3 with tilesets embedded and keep the originals using external tilesets. For this, there is the following export option in the Preferences:


If you have a lot of maps, you can do this export on the command-line using the --embed-tilesets option:

tiled --export-map --embed-tilesets source.tmx target.tmx

Unfortunately, there is no option on the command-line to change the compression format. If you need to do that for many maps, you may consider writing a script to change the layer data format.

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Thanks a lot !!!