Copy/Pasting multiple object layers

When I select multiple object layers and copy the objects and then paste them, they seem to end up in the current layer, not in their respective original layers. This makes it very cumbersome to copy/past large chucks of the map from one place to another. Is this the correct behavior, or am I doing something wrong?

That is correct behaviour as far as I can tell, since generally copypasting is done to a specific layer.

The reason I asked is that copy/pasting tile layers works by retaining the source layer destinations. I was just curious because object pasting didn’t seem to work that way.

Yeah, this is an inconsistency that I will look into fixing. I can definitely see how it would be useful to do the same for objects as for tiles in a multi-layer context.

If I don’t find any big problems with this change of behavior I will consider including it in a Tiled 1.2.3 bugfixing release. One thing that will not be possible with this change though, is to cut/paste a group of objects from various layers into a single layer. This is exactly the behavior you don’t want, but others may have come to rely on it. The operation would still be possible however, by using the explicit “Move to Layer” action.