Pasting objects while keeping them on their original layers

I have several object layers. Sometimes I want to select several objects that might be on different layers and paste them to a new position or on another map and keep them on the same layers they came from.
Right now pasting them will move them all to whatever layer I have selected, so the only way is to drag them to the new location(which might be far away so that involves a lot of screen scrolling), or copy/paste objects from one layer at a time.
If there’s no way you can do this, then I think that should be a feature to be added.
Thanks for any help

Indeed there is no fast way to do this at the moment, but I fully agree it should be possible. I guess similar to the pasting of tiles, we should make it take the current layer if all copies objects belong to the same layer, or paste each object to its original layer when objects from multiple layers are pasted.

I would use that option all the time if you implemented it. Just have paste options in the context menu and keyboard shortcuts, it gives people the option instead of changing how the pasting works. Some people might like it the way it is.
Much appreciated