Copy a construct which goes over several Layer?

'm new to Tiled. Can I copy a construct consisting of objects that are on several levels in a map?

I have now created a room with outer walls, inner walls, floor etc. This construct goes over several layer (floor, walls, interior, etc.). Since I need 6 pieces of this room in my map, I would like to copy the room.

Is there a way to do this in tiled?

If by “objects” you just mean things made up of tiles on Tile Layers, you can select all the layers you want to copy from, select what you need, and then copy/paste normally. Tiled can copy and paste across multiple layers at once.

But if by “objects” you mean Tiled Objects (rectangles, circles, Tile Objects, text, etc that you add on Object Layers), you can copy from multiple layers as described above, but Tiled will always paste them to one layer. So if you need to copy Objects on multiple Object Layers, you’ll need to copy and paste one layer at a time.

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Thank you so munch.
This room is made of tiles in an Tile Layer. No Objects.

I’ll try it immediately

Yep, selecting all the layers you want to copy should help in this case then! Another thing to note, is that you don’t actually need to use selection and copy/paste in this case, but you can also use the usual right-click-drag to capture an area to place elsewhere, even when multiple layers are selected.

TIL Tile Stamp right-click tsampling works with dragging o: I never thought to drag when doing that.

The copy / paste works. But it seems smarter to try it with the right-click-drag.
Thank for your Help