Is there a way to copy tiles from one tileset to another


I have a completed game Truck Trials which I used tiled to create the maps. There are 40 maps, when I created it the tilesets were embedded in the maps themselves. As such the tilesets got a bit messy with some have different tiles and missing others. I would like to consolidate my tiles by using external tilesets. Is there an easy way to copy those missing tiles from one tileset to another.

Using tiled 1.1.6



If there isn’t a supported way in the editor… My first thought is you can edit the XML or JSON of the file. since its a very easy data structure to parse you could even make a script that does this on every file

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Yeah, unfortunately there is no way at the moment. Doing it the way @the-simian pointed out is probably the easiest, you just need to make sure the tiles do not have conflicting IDs.

While I could add some way to copy/paste tiles from one tileset to another, in this particular case I would guess that automating the whole process with a script would be preferred. Making Tiled scriptable is on the roadmap for Tiled 1.3 (though right now I’m still finishing up 1.2). In the meantime an external script could indeed do the trick.