How to remove tileset from project?

Hi. How do I remove a tileset that I am not using from a project? I can’t see a ‘delete’ button anywhere on the tileset list.
I clicked ‘embed tileset’ and it created a duplicate of the tileset in the project! I just need one.


To un-embed a tileset, you have to Export the tileset (it’s the button next to Embed, if I recall correctly). Then, Replace the tileset with the one you want to use (the original one you embedded). After that, you can safely delete the exported copy.

If you want to just remove a non-embedded tileset, just don’t use it. If the map isn’t using it and it isn’t open in the editor, it won’t be in the list.

Thanks! But I don’t understand your instructions.

1 - both the tileset I imported and the one created when I clicked ‘embed’ have the same name, so I can’t tell which I should use.
2 - even though my map has no tiles on it, I still have one tileset in my tilesets list.
3 - how do you ‘replace’ a tileset?
4 - how do you ‘delete’ a tileset?

Finally, what does ‘export’ a tileset do? Create an un-embedded copy of an embedded tileset - which basically gives me back my original tileset and achieves nothing?

Welcome to the Tiled forum, @Richard_JE_Cooke!

There’s a tool bar with some small icons below the tileset view:


This tool bar includes “Replace Tileset” and “Remove Tileset” actions (the two right-most icons). If the “Remove Tileset” action is disabled, then the tileset is already not part of the current map, but it means the tileset is either part of another opened map or opened by itself. To remove a tileset from the Tilesets view, the tileset should not be open by itself and it should be removed from all open maps.

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