Corner vs edge vs mixed terrain set

Hello All,

I’m learning Tiled (1.8.5). I cannot understand which terrain set to use for an isometric tileset. This one has two full tiles and transitions between them. The flood-fill feature using works fine, but placement errors occur when I try to use the terrain brush. I’ve tried edge-only, corner only and mixed but I cannot find one that results in perfect tiles.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!


PS: I’m a new User. I cannot upload the tsx file. Sorry.

Hmm, it looks like a Corner-only set, but keep in mind that when you change your current Mixed set to a Corner set, it won’t automatically erase the marked edges, and currently they will still be taken into account (see issue #3260). So, until that is fixed, either create a new set or first erase the edge labels, before changing your Terrain Set type to Corner.

If you’re still having issues even with a clean Corner setup, please show us again what you did.


I’ll create a fresh tileset and try again only with corners. Will post what happened.

Thanks again.


Creating a fresh new tileset worked.

I started with a mixed set – so I suppose I ran into the bug.

Thanks! And thanks for the great tool you have made.


Yes, that’s quite likely. I’ll be sure to have a look into resolving that before the 1.9 release.

You’re welcome! Of course, it’s the product of not just my efforts but from many contributors as well continuous feedback from users like you! :slight_smile: