Automap not working as I remember

Two years ago I was using autotile with this tileset, but It seems to not work anymore. Did something change or am I just not remembering how to use it. I have autotiles set up as shown below…

…but drawing produces what looks like random connections.

Hmm looks like you chose ‘Mixed Set’. Did you try ‘Corner Set’-Terrainset already? I used it with exactly the tileset you posted and it worked with this type as intended. Actually I’m not even sure what the use-case of the mixed version is…

Just found my project and tested it with 1.9.2. Still working:

Good luck, Tom

Thanks, yeah that is new since the last time I used Tiled.

Nitpick: Terrains and Automap are completely separate features in Tiled.

Your Mixed terrain set seems incorrectly labelled, which may be why it doesn’t work correctly. The various diagonal tiles are labelled with grass edges, but they’re meant to connect to the edge and corner tiles that have dirt edges - this inconsistency will cause incorrect results.
However, as dertom wrote, this is actually a Corner terrain and should not be Mixed.

It works now using corners, but it’s not as smooth as it used to be. I’ll play with it some more.

As a Corner-type Terrain set, it should work exactly the same as it did before. Perhaps you mislabelled one of the tiles by accident?

I re-did them all from scratch and now it works like before, I must have had a small mistake. Thanks for the help.