Isometric terrain brush: mark edges instead of corners?

I’ve been trying to set up a terrain brush for some of the KenneyNL isometric tile sets on Tilesets like this, for example:

I think Tiled’s terrain is just fundamentally not compatible, as it works by defining the terrain type of each corner, whereas for these tiles I think I need to be able to mark the ‘edges’. Is there any chance support for that will be added at some point? Or should it be possible to set up the existing terrain system to work correctly with tiles like this? (And yes, I’m aware that that tile set is missing some transition pieces I’d need to add…)


It looks like that tileset would need both corners and edges to be defined. Indeed the Terrain Brush does not support this, but the new support for Wang tiles could help with this. Though right now I’m afraid it doesn’t really, since the tool still needs more work, especially for this use-case.