Choose a few tiles with option "Insert tiles"

Hello, option Insert tiles from Tileset on map let choose only one tile, how to use tile-object with a few tiles from tileset? or just mark a few tiles and put like object using option insert tiles or other.

When using tile-objects instead of grid-tiles there are several tools you cannot use. Multiple tile placement being one of them. Note that you can select and copy them around.

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Tile objects only refer to a single tile. I guess you’ve got images in your tileset that actually occupy more than a single tile in the set. Currently placing such images as tile objects is not supported.

There is one work-around you can use to be able to place larger images as a single tile object: store the tile as its own image and add it to an Image Collection tileset (you can choose this option when creating a new tileset). This type of tileset refers to each tile image individually and can contain tiles of different sizes.

In the future I do hope to support also images of various sizes as part of a single tileset image, which is covered by the following issue on GitHub: