Creating a 3D map

Hey guys,

I want to build a game using an ortgographic camera on an isometric map. Is this possible using the libgdx library?
If I want to use a different camera angle on the same map, is it possible, or is the camera on a fixed position? - I have this link here showing two pictures… Not the text, just the pictures are important.
I want to have the same. Assuming the first is created using the isometric map gen.

Edit: Im asking in this forum because it is more about implementing for me… I can ask in a more general way… Is it possible to change camera angles when using an isometric map?


Since your question is about how to use libgdx, you’re more likely to get a useful response if you ask in their community.

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I edited my post, thank you

Hmm, while it would definitely be possible, it is probably easier to do this based on an orthogonal map, since an orthogonal map generally has square tile graphics, whereas a 2D isometric map has diamond-shaped tile graphics which would need special treatment to map them onto isometrically rendered cubes.

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