Creating objects in wrong layer

Hi folks!

As this is my first post here, I’d like to thank you for offering this tool and the opportunity to discuss its features here.
I tried to search this board for my issue, but (maybe due to language barrier) I couldn’t find anything helpful. Furthermore, I’m not quite sure if the following is a bug or just some error-by-user :stuck_out_tongue:

…but let’s jump right into my issue:
The following issue might not sound linke a big pita, but in my case it is, becuase I have to work with different offsets for each object layer.
When creating objects (e.g. a poly line) in a file with several object layers I often notice that I created the object in an object layer I didn’t even selected. My guess why this happens is that the position where the new object will be created is depending on your latest selection, but it only counts for selections within the objects window.

If your selection was made in the objects window (by clicking on the name of any layer within the destinated object layer), everything will work just fine and the new object will be created at the bottom of the selected object layer. If your selection was made right on the map where you are editing (by clicking on the shape of any object which is in the destinated object layer), the new object will be created in the object layer where your last selection (in the objects window!) was made. So, why is selection =/= selection? Is it a bug, a usability issue or is there a just mistake in my workflow?

OS: Win8
Tiled version: 0.16.2

Hey daan, you’re welcome for the tool and thanks for bringing this up! Actually it was a usability issue:

It’s fixed in the latest development snapshots thanks to the efforts of @GLAVAK and @WinterGrascph.

You can download development snapshots for Windows at