Custom object tile properties greyed out when placed down until I edit them manually?

I have individual objects in a tileset, like trees, signs etc. Some of these tiles have custom properties (right click > tile properties > custom properties). However once I stamp these objects to the map, those preset properties are greyed out for some reason. Then when I load the map into the game, the game doesn’t recognize these properties. But if I double click the greyed out properties and edit them manually, the game suddenly DOES recognize them. How do I make sure the properties are never greyed out to begin with?

Greyed out properties are ones that have their default values. They’re not saved when you just Save, this is so that they can be updated if you change the defaults, and to avoid redundant data. To have the default be output with the map, make sure “Resolve object types and properties” is checked in Preferences->General under the Export options, and use the Export function instead of Save.

If you don’t expect to change your defaults, I recommend setting the defaults in your game, so that you only need to specify those properties when they’re not the default. This’ll speed up parsing (since there’ll be fewer properties to parse) and it’ll reduce the amount of data you need to ship with your game since the defaults will only need to be specified once.


Thanks! I will have to try that out. Not sure I understand the point of default properties if they’re not on by default, though… Anyways, the way I’m trying to use the properties wouldn’t be convenient to have them hardcoded inside the game.

The point is that they’re so default, they don’t need to be included, their value is “known”. The expectation is that they correspond to engine-default values (which may or may not need to be hard-coded, depending on the engine and the values), and the resolve on export option is provided for when that’s not the case.

Alright, thanks for clearing that up