Custom Objects don't seem to snap to the hex grid


I am one of the programmers for an upcoming RTS -, the board of which is entirely hex based. I’ve been using Tiled for a while now and it has some great features + it’s easy to use. I recently started using Custom objects so that we can build levels even easier and I struggle with getting the objects to snap to the hex grid (especially when they have rotation applied). Here’s an example:

The center of it seems to get stuck at the intersection of three hexes. My tiles are of size 54x62 (all map/grid/tile and custom object). When I place normal tiles in the Tiled layer, everything seems to work perfectly, it’s only with Custom objects that I am having trouble. Things get even wackier when I try to use rotation:

This is with 60 degrees rotation

My ultimate goal is for the center of the custom object to get into the center of the hex. Obviously I must be doing something wrong, so I am turning to the community/creator for some help before I try diving into the source code (I’d much prefer if I didn’t - too much other work).


P.S. I’ve tried the render offsets on the tilemaps + the offset on the layer. That doesn’t seem to solve the problem with the rotation.

Here’s a sample map where you can try it out for yourself.

(Sorry, I couldn’t include this in the original post - 2 links limit)

Edit: I am using Tiled 0.17.1 (latest as of today)