Cut and Paste problematic

There should be a way to have all layers selected so that we can move an area of the map and not have to manually align the marking and pasting operations by hand.

As it stands I have to take note of the upper left and lower right coordinates of the marked area so i can mark it again when i copy the other layers. I then have to take note of the coordinate I paste at or the layers will not be aligned correctly.

For small cuts and pastes this isnt so bad but try cutting out a large section from a large map. the only way to do it is to zoom out so far that it takes forever to align the mouse over the top of the previous coordinates and the mouse click is pretty much guaranteed to move the mouse :confused:

If we could select ALL layers (would be useful for all operations) this would no longer be an issue.

Definitely agreed but this is a thorny issue discussed in some detail here:

A possible solution may be to bypass the cut/paste mechanism and introduce a specialized “move tool” that can operate on multiple layers at the same time.