Newbie UX questions

I tried to figure out how to copy a part of the map and paste it elsewhere.
I guess the part has to be selected (and apparently it can be done only with rectangle select tool or magic wand tool), then crtrl+C, but how do you paste it elsewhere? there is no cursor tool and ctrl+V does nothing…
Hence the questions:

  • how to copy paste a part of the map to another place?
  • are copy/paste in Edit designed for copy/pasting tiles on the map?
  • if yes, how to achieve “paste”?
  • if no, what is it designed for?


Currently cut/copy/paste only work on single layers. So if nothing happened, probably you had an empty layer selected. Unfortunately, this does mean that if you have many layers, it is annoying to copy or move a part of a map elsewhere. I am aware of this and it is something I hope to fix eventually of course. It is tracked by the following issue on GitHub:

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