Denied access to save the file

Hello, usually when I’m making a map with tiled and saved your changes to the map with CTRL + S, the tiled shows an error message with the denied access text and opens a dialog box to save as to overwrite the file, this is a bug? It has been fixed in a new version?

Why not just try a new version? In the changelog for Tiled 0.14 I wrote:

  • Fixed Save As dialog popping up when saving fails

So at least you should not get this dialog after an error occurs if you’re using the latest version. What is probably not fixed though, is the access denied problem itself. Do you think there’s a problem with Tiled that is causing this, rather than some file system issue?

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I will update my tiled if it is not update, but what causes this message?

How do I check the version of my tiled?

Normally when you get that it’s when you try to save to a folder or file to which you (as in: the currently logged-in user) does not have permissions to write. Depends on the OS.

For instance, on OS X you can’t just save files anywhere on disk because most folders are protected from modification by users, including the root and Applications folder. Saving to Documents should work. Similar on Windows, the Program Files folder is protected but you can save to Documents.

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Open Help → About Tiled to see the version.

Also, another reason you may see this error on Windows is when the file is opened by another application. For example I have heard of this type of problem from somebody saving to a Dropbox folder. Maybe Dropbox prevents Tiled from writing to the file while it is being uploaded

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My version is 0.13.0, I’ll have to upgrade

I saved the file in a folder map named in my windows desktop