Access denied when save file

Hello, I have a problem, sometimes when I save my file I get the “Access denied” message box.
However, if I change the name of the file and save it in the same folder now, I can save it.
I want to say that the problem is solved if I change the name of the file, other times it solves only, after a while.
Then I have to rename that file to its original name and this is annoying.
Has no sense.
Why does the message appear?


Well this seems like maybe it has something to do with file synchronization and google drive.
It seems that there is something weird here, I’m not sure if it’s due to google drive or tiled.

Please try to disable “Use safe writing of files” in Edit > Preferences…, which will likely avoid this issue if it’s related to Google Drive.

Note that with this option disabled, when Tiled crashes while writing a file, or when disk space runs out, you will have lost the original contents of the file. These occurrences are rare, but I would only disable this option if the files are backed up somewhere (but that’s usually the case for files you care about).

Of course it would be nice if this option could work better with services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, but this is a problem that would have to be dealt with by Qt, the framework Tiled is based on. It’s this issue, marked as fixed in Qt 5.9.7, but Tiled 1.2.1 for Windows was built against Qt 5.9.7. Are you using the latest version of Tiled?

Hello, thanks for the information.
I’m using version 1.2.1