Different sizes in collection of images

I’ve read different post saying that when you create a collection of images, you can add any image size. The thing is that when I do this Tiled creates a uniform image size to select.
As we can see in the image, a lot of empty tiles are created when I added the second image, so now both have the same size, which is not what I want. I was expecting this

I am I missing something or is this how it is suppose to work?


If you use the tiles in a map, you’ll see that they work as you expect them to work. When displayed in a tileset, they’re shown in a grid view, which is why they’re shown with some empty space around them.

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Ok, cool, I thought I was doing it wrong.
By the way, I don’t really understand what embed in map does. In the documentation it says
We leave the Embed in map option disabled. This is recommended, since it will allow the tileset to be used by multiple maps without setting up its parameters again

But still, have no idea what it means.

As the name implies, it puts the tileset data directly into the map file, instead of having it in a separate file.

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Of course, just saw the .tmx data with and without embedding.
Thanks for your help