Multi-Tile Select w/ Different Tilesizes

Hello, I’ve got a map with a 4x4 tile size and a tileset with an 8x8 tile size. However, when I try to place multiple tiles from the tileset onto the map, it places the tiles adjacently in the map’s tile size and not the tileset’s.

Example: The image on top is what I want to place, while the one on the bottom is what actually happens

Is there a way to do this properly, or is this a known bug? I mean, I could totally copy and paste it to force it to work, but that would mean I’d have to manually place each individual tile first.


Hmm, Tiled can’t in general automatically do the right thing in this case because there’s no way to know what you want. Your tiles are larger than the grid, but that could be for some shadow or perspective effect as well.

If your tiles are 8x8, generally you’ll want your map to have 8x8 cells as well. Currently, Tiled does not support different grid sizes per layer, which may be a solution for you if you need smaller cells on the map for details or for a collision layer. There’s a GitHub issue about this:

And there’s also some work already done on it, but there is a lot of work remaining before that can be merged.

Ahh, okay. I was mainly asking this because I wanted to be able to place tiles in subdivisions for larger objects, like trees and rocks, instead of being strictly limited to placing them on the grid. In other words, I was thinking of something slightly more… ‘global’ than having different tile sizes per layer. I was using the tile sizes 4x4 and 8x8 as a proof of concept for a tileset, but eventually I was planning on using it with a ratio of like 1:4 or maybe even 1:8.

Thanks for the reply!

Alright, in that case note that you can place tiles as objects on object layers, where they are not limited to the grid (but can still be snapped to it, or snapped to finer grid than the tile grid).

How exactly do I go about doing that using the editor? I didn’t think you could pull tiles from the tileset to an object layer.