Distinguish tileset from csv exports/changing tile IDs

I wanted to make my own Tiled map importer for javascript since most of them seem to be tied into an engine of some kind or were simply too complex, I don’t need that much functionality. The “Export as…” into different csv files for each layer is nearly perfect for my purpose… however, it doesn’t distinguish between tilesets. So, my map uses two tilesets, and in the csv file, the first tile from the first tileset is “0”, and the first tile from the second tileset is also “0”. This follows for the whole tileset. Is there a way to set the minimum/starting ID for one tileset or simply change the IDs? If not I suppose I will have to move all my textures into 1 file.

There currently isn’t, but I think this would be a nice feature to add! The only way currently to distinguish two tilesets is to set a custom “name” property on each of your tiles, which overrides the use of tile IDs.

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