Dividing a tilemap into asymmetrical sections

Hello, I would like to implement a 2D Zelda like map in my game. There are two types of 2D Zelda world maps. The first one is a square shaped map with sections of equal size, for example the Zelda: Link’s awakening:

The second type is a map such as Zelda: A Link between worlds where the sections are of different size.

When Link is in a section of the map the camera will not pan out of that section.

The first map is easy to implement, but I have no clue how to implement the second map. The problem is that I do not know how to divide the map into asymmetrical sections.
One thing that comes to mind is to put each section of the map in an individual map file. I would prefer not to because then editing becomes tedious. The goal is to keep the whole map in one file and then make it possible to set the map sections through configuring properties in the Tiled map editor.

I think the best way to do this is to use polygon objects for defining the shape of each “internal” map. To this polygons you can then also attach additional information like the map name, etc…

Well, I think polygons are a little hard to work with in the code because of the high level of freedom in placing their nodes. Alternatively, you could place multiple (overlapping) rectangle objects to mark the areas. You can optionally group those areas with object layers that you assign colors, to visually tell the regions apart and make editing easier.

Then, in the game you would just need to make sure the camera viewport stays within bounds of at least one of the rectangles that the player is currently in.