Export multiple sections (to Unity)

Is there a way to break a big map into several smaller ?
i know i can crop and export, then control + z … but maybe there is some way to make this more automatic
because i would like to export like 100+ maps … and keep the big original for development.

I was thinking is possible to making a layer to identify my little maps, and then a script could export everything ?

This is definitely in the realm of problems where making Tiled scriptable would provide one possible approach to implementing this. It’s on the Roadmap for Tiled 1.3, but it will still be a few months away.

In the meantime, you could code something yourself, either by modifying Tiled source code, or modifying Tiled2Unity (if you’re using that) or by coding a script in any other language that provides a writer for the TMX format (maybe try Python with python-tmx) to cut your map into pieces.