Maps disappearing?

I made a ton of maps. I saved them all and prepared them for the coding portion, and then coded them like normal. Today I go back to those maps to finish the coding, and suddenly the maps are gone.

So by “gone” I mean the .tmx is in my folder, I click it to open it, Tiled says that I never mapped it. The layers and tilesets are there, but I never mapped the actual map. Which obviously I did. I thought maybe the camera was scrolled away from the map, so I saved as a .txt to look and theres nothing in it but empty layers. This happened on so far 3 maps. Im positive that I saved the maps after I was done with them. Any ideas?

I went to my recycle bin to find the deleted .txt file that i saved. I restored it and opened the map from the .txt file and then saved as a .tmx so that fixed it for me luckily. Still not sure why it happened though.

Hmm, this is very worrying, but without knowing how to reproduce this I’m afraid I don’t have any idea where to start with fixing any potential problem you may have run into. Fortunately you still had backups in your recycle bin!

Were you using the infinite map feature by any chance? Of course it should work fine, just trying to narrow down the problem.

Yeah I have no clue how to reproduce it either. I went through all my maps and havent found more. No it wasnt an Infinite Map.