I closed tiled and the classic" save before exiting app" showed up, but when i reopened the file nothing was there anymore

i have no idea what i did wrong, i had 2 layers(which still show up ) but nothing is on them

Does Tiled show any warnings/errors in the Issues panel?

Your “roof” tileset appears to be empty or transparent, is it supposed to be like that?
Are there transparent tiles in the layers, or are the layers completely empty?

its here…although wild theory , so this tile set wasnt the best i had it fixed in PS and then i re saved the png file(i fixed the corners nothing else was touched from this tile set …would resaving that file have anything to do with the sudden dissapearance of the roofs i have already set up ?

If the tiles are in a different position in this tileset than they were before, then yes, it could: the old tile IDs would still be used, and if the old tile IDs correspond to empty tiles now, then those empty tiles are what would be in the map.

The easiest way to check is to check the map and see whether the tiles are actually empty, or actually there and transparent (which is what I asked you to do in my last post, but now I realise I wasn’t very clear).

If this is the problem, then you’ll probably want to bring the old tileset image back. Tiled doesn’t have an easy way to “fix” maps for a rearranged tileset. There is a script available to help with the process, but you’ll need the old tileset image to be able to use it.

i tried tiled today for the first time , im not sure wheres what and where i have to click to check

Hover over tiles in your layers and look at the status bar at the bottom. Empty tiles will say “empty”, non-empty tiles will show a number.
Another way is to use the Magic Wand tool and hover over the map and see if it highlights the entire layer (which implies the entire is all the same tile, likely empty), or smaller regions (which shows there is a variety of tiles on the layer).

theres something there alright . how do magically get it visible again

Your map is fine. What you need to do is bring your old tileset image back, or replace the old tiles with the new ones properly. It might be easier to just start the map over.

this program is a lot of fun it seems il be exporting every time i exit it just to prevent all this, i dont have the old image back sadly
ty vm for the info

You don’t need to export every time. Tiled didn’t lose any data, you just changed what the data means by changing the tileset image.

If you need to rearrange a tileset, you should make a new tileset (TSX and image) for the rearranged version, so that you can see which tile is what and thus perform a replacement. Or, you can work in such a way that doesn’t require rearranging tilesets at all, e.g. plan your tileset ahead of time, or use multiple tilesets so that you don’t need to worry about the arrangement of the tiles as much.

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