Each Tiled layer having it's own tile size

I could not find the answer, but some vague replies. Let me ask it clear, i feel it is an important and logical question to anyone coming to Tiled Map Editor.

I have:
some terrain/floor tiles – 256x256
a different sheet w\ larger buildings and structures – 300x300
another sheet with even larger mountains - 500x400

I need to create Layers to only use 1 of the above sizes. But layer them up to build out a terrain. Is this possible in Tiled?

Any drawbacks?

I don’t know about different tilesizes per tilelayer. But you could always add in the second and third layer tiles as objects in an object layer. Then you’re not stuck to a grid. Would be a cool feature to have different tilesizes, though.

Right, I think in this particular case, you’re not actually looking for layers with different tile sizes, since it would be very hard to place those tiles the way that you want (since the sizes are not even multiples of each other). So like @Tipsi suggested you’ll probably want to use object layers instead, and just use a tile layer for the terrain.

In general though, there have been a lot of requests for supporting tile size per tile layer and of course this make sense in some situations. It is unfortunately hard to support due to the handling of the selected tile area and the multi-layer editing, both of which currently assume a map-global tile grid. This feature is covered by the following issue:

Object layers work fine, i’ve tried it and no issues. Thanks