Layers with different tile sizes?


Is it possible to have layers with different sizes? We’re using a 32x32 tileset but want tighter control over collisions. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

This is currently not yet possible. For tighter control over collisions, you could use an object layer for collisions instead, or define collision shapes using the Tile Collision Editor, or generally use a special tileset.

Of course, these suggestions may not work well for your case and I agree supporting different tile sizes per layer would be nice. Unfortunately it isn’t trivial and would require splitting up the selected area for example, because the tile selection can’t be applied to layers that use different tile sizes (especially problematic since for the upcoming Tiled 1.2 I’ve added multi-layer editing). It is covered by the following issue:

Hi bjorn,

Thank you for the detailed response. Appreciated as always. I’ll explore the two options you’ve suggested.