Error importing patterns

Hello, why do I receive an error when importing this set of patterns ?.
Version 1.0.3

Sin título-1



Can you specifically say which steps you’re taking to get the error pop up? I opened your map and created a tileset based on that image and everything seemed to work like normal.

Also, there seems to be something wrong with the error message you showed as well. Could you try if it shows a message when you set the language to English?

Yes, I only do:
Add external tileset
I select the image and the error appears
I can not resize the window to see the full text

Sin título-1


Ah, that explains. The “Add external tileset” is for adding a tileset file (usually .tsx), not for setting up a new tileset based on an image (for this you go “File > New > Tileset”).

I need to fix that error message though! It is a message box without text. :frowning:

Ok solved!.