Export json to RPG Maker MZ

Hi, friends!
I’m a newcomer trying to learn the secrets of TIleD. Today, my biggest question is about export json files and use them on RPG Maker MZ. After create two maps, exported as json, but RM MZ doesn’t recognize the map file.
Could you help me?

If you’re using a recent version of Tiled and Visustella’s Tiled plugin for RPGMMZ, you may need to set the compatibility version to 1.8 in your Project Settings in Tiled, as the plugin is out of date. If you do not have a Tiled Project, you will need to create one to be able to change this setting.

If that doesn’t help, check the plugin’s FAQ, as there are a bunch of other common issues maps have that AFAIK the plugin doesn’t inform the user of directly. And if even that doesn’t help, or if you’re using some other plugin to load your maps, make sure you also ask in the community for that, as you’re more likely to find people who use the plugin there than here.

Also, it’s “Tiled”, no capital D. For some reason the RPG Maker community calls it “TileD”, but Tiled has never used that capitalisation.

Thanks for your explanation. I’ll try it.
About “TileD”, not capitalised “D” is really new to me :slight_smile: