Eyedropper tool?

Does Tiled have the equivalent of the Photoshop Eyedropper tool?

When this tools is selected in Photoshop, clicking on a pixel in the image will select that pixel’s colour as the new foreground colour. In Tiled when the eyedropper is selected and a tile is clicked in the view, that tile would be selected in the Tilesets window. This would allow that tile’s properties to be easily inspected or it to be used as a stamp etc. I would find this extremely useful for debugging too.

My current workflow is 1. Select correct layer 2. In the map view, hover the mouse over tile of interest and make mental note of the tile ID in [square brackets] at the bottom left of the screen tile 3. Select a random tile in the tilesets pane and use cursors until the ID in the Properties pane matches the number I noted. 4. Do what I want to do with the tile. This is a little long-winded and it’d be great to have a short-cut.


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Right-click the map to select the stamp. You can select a larger area by dragging.
It doesn’t select the tile in Tilesets, though – I guess that’s because it wouldn’t work for multi-tile stamps.

Thanks for that. Perhaps this feature could be updated so that if only a single tile is selected in the map view, that tile is selected in the Tilset view?

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Yeah, actually I think it makes sense to do this. Related issue:

Will see if I can include this in the upcoming Tiled 0.14 release.

Great. I think this could make a big difference to designers’ workflow. Many thanks.

Please try the latest daily build. The feature is in and ready to be included in Tiled 0.14!

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I’ve installed from tiled-2015-09-13-win32-setup.exe and the app shows Version v0.13.1-45-g654057e

However, if I right click a single tile in a tile layer, the properties window remains unchanged - the Tile ID remains unchanged as I right click around in the map.

Am I doing something wrong?

Arg, sorry! I believe a software upgrade on the AppVeyor platform has broken the daily builds so they stopped working on Monday. I’ll have to push some workaround. In the meantime, you should be able to try it with the following installer based on Visual Studio:


(just note that this one does not feature the Python plugin)

Installed and working great. It’s really cool being able to right click around the surfaces in the map and see the Tile Collision Editor window update instantly too. Many thanks.

That’s great to hear! And thank you as well for your support!

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I might have found a small bug related to this feature.

If a tile has a Custom Property and it is selected in the Tilesets view, the Custom Property is shown in the Properties view as expected.

If another tile is now selected in the Tileset view and this tile does not have any Custom Properties, then the Properties view updates as expected: the Tile ID updates, and Custom Property vanishes.

If however, the second tile was selected by right-clicking on the map, then the Custom Property name from the old tile still shows up, but the value becomes blank.

Version v0.13.1-69-g95e5f19

Arg, what a timing, I missed this and have just published the release! What a strange problem, I thought it was working since the ID property was updating fine. Well, I’ll make sure to fix it in Tiled 0.14.1.

Nooooo! Sorry - I just hit this for the first time now. I’ve also managed to get into a state where the custom property was greyed out, but I’ve so far been unable to reproduce. I’m having to be careful for now, as it can look like a tile has a Custom Property, so you add a value, but it just gets lost.

Yep, this was a very tricky bug where the set of tiles that actually got edited were the ones that were last manually selected in the tileset view, and not the tiles that you had grabbed from the map view. I’ve just pushed a fix to the master branch and I’d advise anybody using this feature to try a daily build including this change, once available. A Tiled 0.14.1 release will follow soon.