How to select all the items in a layer of tiles

Hello, I’m making a map with tile and use several layers in my map, but I often can not decide on which a layer is one tile, in tiled there any way to select all the items in a particular layer? Like for example in photoshop that if you hold CTRL and a click on the icon of the layer all the same items are selected.ted.

Not at the moment, but it’s an interesting suggestion. You mean selecting all non-empty grid cells of a layer, right?

What kind of items is this about, and how does Photoshop determine whether they are the same?

Sim eu queria que ele selecionasse todos os quadrados com tiles e sobre o photoshop é que ele seleciona todos os pixels de uma imagem que não são transparentes na camada desejada e é isso que eu queria saber se o tiled faz isso só que com as tiles.
Yes I wanted him to select all squares with tiles and about Photoshop is that it selects all the pixels of an image that are not transparent in the desired layer and that’s what I was wondering if the tiled does so only with the tiles.

Ok, a good feature to add I think. Also, if “invert selection” action was added, you could also do this by using the “Select Same Tile” tool on an empty spot and then inverting the selection, but that action is still missing as well.

Btw, I wonder a little why you want to do this. Why not just press Ctrl+A to simply select everything? If you cut and paste, the empty parts are anyway ignored.

plus the CTRL + A selects all tiles of all the layers

Ctrl+A selects the whole map, but copy/cut only affect the currently selected layer. It’s basically the same in Photoshop, right?

Yes, Photoshop is so, But i wanted when I hold CTRL + A on tiled all items from the current layer stay blue and others do not :smile: