Feature request : 3D collider for Tiled

Greetings. This is just feature that consists to add 3d collision boxes for 2d textures. These boxes would be just an extension of the existing 2d colliders. The result when building tiles with this feature would look like this :

Of course the functionality would cover basic tiles too, not just for isometric ones…

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Of course, adding 3D colliders will be a significant effort even if you consider it could be an extension to the existing 2D colliders. Also, at some point it no longer make sense to use a 2D editing software if your level requires 3D colliders. As you can already see in the video you linked, it becomes very difficult (or even impossible) to see where a 3D collider is actually positioned - you need to look at the numbers in the properties view for that.

That said, I’m all for extending Tiled’s support for objects to support 3 axis rather than 2, and along with that to also support 3D primitives. But especially for the latter I’ll need to see a significant demand (in comparison to other requested features), before I can hope to get around to it.

Btw, this seems like quite a basic extension to Unity and it’s still costing $40… Seems overpriced to me, but judging by the reviews it’s worth it. I wonder what I should be charging for Tiled then. :slight_smile:

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