Getting very small non-zero numbers with polygon rotation

Hi Bjorn, if one rotates a polygon by 90 degrees in the Collision Editor it is common to end up with numbers that are almost zero for the x and/or y position.

Something like this …

<object id="0" x="32" y="-9.80119e-16" rotation="90">
 <polygon points="0,0 32,0 32,8 8,8 8,32 0,32"/>

I can handle epsilon errors like that but still thought you’d like to know.

Hmm, the rotation generally happens around the center of the polygon, so this depends a lot on what kind of polygon you’re rotating right? Can you should some images that demonstrate the situation?

Also I guess any floating point number parser will generally deal with this fine. It just seems a little verbose, but who am I to decide at which level of precision these numbers should be printed?