Main and Sub grid visibility?

Heyo. Is it possible to edit the grid settings to create large sub-divisions in a solid or thicker line, followed by the normal tile grid based off the tile size for the map?

For uses where there is a smaller viewport that slides around a larger map (think Zelda), it would be nice to have the view port subdivisions viewable while mapping out things as one large map, instead of creating one small map per section.

I tried looking for a way to do this and did not see it, so maybe I just missed it.


There is not a built-in way to do it. I requested a similar feature not long ago: Snap to Nth gridline (three requests in one)

You can work around this by building a big grid made up of tiles. Make a new Tile Layer at the top of your layer stack, and make a room-sized rectangle using a solid-coloured tile (or a tile close to solid). Select and copy this rectangle, and paste it diagonal to the first. Now you’ve got the start of a checkerboard pattern. Keep selecting and copy+pasting until you’ve filled your map, and you’ll have a grid for your rooms :D!

You’ll most likely want to set this layer’s opacity very low once you’re done, so you can just barely see it. You’ll also need to remember to hide the layer before you export the map to your game (or ignore this layer explicitly in your import code) so that it doesn’t show up. The grid also won’t automatically update when you add more space to your map, but once you’ve got it going, it’s easy to expand it by copy+pasting large swaths of it.

Ah, thats a bit of a bummer but i guess it is easy enough to solve with this approach. I used an image layer with a checkerboard since I fortunately won’t need to increase map sizes.

Thanks for the heads up!

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