Self-made tiles?

So I’ve been making my own tiles and I’ve been able to get them into tiled with no problem at all. However I’m wondering what is the best way to organise tiles? I have many tiles for common features like grass and dirt which I would like to put into one big tile map. I also want to know if it’s possible to rearrange them? At the moment they are all showing up under the stamp tool with their own tabs and that’s starting to get annoying.

You should create a tileset, don’t use individual tiles. You should do this now, and never change the tile order within the tilesets. Otherwise it’ll break existing layouts because Tiled references tiles only by their position within the tileset texture.

There’s no best way to order the tiles, it depends on the tileset and what tiles you commonly use together. Some tilesets are ordered based on tile brightness, others put all grass tiles together, followed by roads, then rocks, then trees. It’s really up to you.

That said, if you prefer to edit or manage your tiles as individual images then you can use an “image collection” tileset, which is a feature supported since Tiled 0.10. You can create one in the New Tileset dialog:

You’ll then be able to add images to it using the “+” button below the tileset view.

It is however not possible to rearrange them at the moment, but for these kind of tilesets it may not be too hard to implement that.

Thanks, I’ll look into these options.