Reordering Terrain and Tilesets

It’s possible that there’s some way of doing this that I’ve overlooked, but if not, could it be possible to rearrange the order of a defined terrain in a tileset? As-is the first-defined terrain is the first in the list, the next one is second, and so on and so forth. Especially with larger tilesets with many terrains in them, the ability to reorder them would be a big help rather than trying to plan the whole order out beforehand.

Similarly, tilesets added to a map are displayed in the order they’re added, with no way of rearranging them. Being able to do so would also be nice, though obviously not the highest priority thing.

This is definitely a missing feature. I’ve opened the following issue about it:

Actually tilesets are since Tiled 1.0 displayed in alphabetical order, and indeed manual ordering is no longer supported. This is mainly because it was no longer meaningful, now that all open tilesets are displayed and not just those already referenced by the map.

Before Tiled 1.0, only the tilesets referenced by the current map were displayed and their order could be changed by dragging the tileset tabs left/right.