Height maps/property for tiles

I am newbie or you could say have yet to actually use tiled, wondering if there is height map like feature in it? or is it completely layer based y-sorting
Any way to use heightmaps for tiled or if the generated map could be interpreted as a heightmap in other software or script

Y-sorting in Tiled is based on layer and location in that layer. You can interpret and modify your maps however you like in your game however, including as heightmaps. Tiled maps are just data.

It’s possible to use scripting and/or Automapping in Tiled to process a heightmap + base tiles into a visual representation of the height in Tiled. Depending on what you need though, reinterpreting the data in your game may be a better idea.

There has also been discussion of adding tile stacks or layers with depth to Tiled, though that feature is likely a ways off: Option - Draw all layers as if it were a single layer · Issue #1274 · mapeditor/tiled · GitHub