How to export a new Tileset

Hi there,

I feel like such a noob, I cannot work out how to export my newly created tileset as a PNG.
I can see the export options but they are all greyed out.

So i created a new Tileset --> from collection of images

Added the images

Then went to File and the Export options are greyed out…

I am using the 32 bit version latest on windows 10 machine.


The “Export As Image” item is grayed out because it is currently only implemented for maps. To create an image from all tiles in your tileset, you could create a new map, select all tiles in the tileset and put them on the map, and then save that map as image.

Of course, this will only work properly when all tiles in your tileset are the same size. This is often the case, but it doesn’t need to be. So when I would implement this for tilesets directly something smart may need to happen.