How can I put a tileset on my map? when I drag a tileset it tells me that is in the wrong format. Who can tell me what format is?

I cant put a tileset on my map because is in the wrong format, I used a lot of formats but it’s wrong has well who can help me?

A tileset should be a TSX or JSON, not a tileset image. Create a Tileset (File > New > New Tileset...) using your image, and then make your map. All tilesets currently open or referred to by other open maps will be listed in the Tilesets panel, and you can use tiles from them in your map. Only the actually used tilesets will be referenced in the map, but if you ever want to use another tileset, just open it in Tiled and it will become available to pick from in your maps.

@bjorn Perhaps when dragging an image into Tiled, instead of an invalid file format warning, the user should get a prompt, “Would you like to make a new Tileset from {filename}? Yes/No”. Tiled might not have images as a directly supported file format, but that doesn’t mean it can’t use them.