Some problem with Tiled

Hello, i just download a tiled a few hours ago, and after some time workin’ on it it just won’t open any maps or tiles anymore and just gives me that error message. What type of error it this and how to fix it?

<img src="/uploads/default/227/61662eca673b8a3d.jpg" width=“690” height=“328”

Are you trying to open an image as a map? This won’t work at the moment, Tiled expects a TMX file when opening a map or one of the various other formats it can load.

If you’re trying to add a tileset to the map by dragging it on top of Tiled, then make sure you drag it into the Tilesets view, and not on the map view.

Oh, that works for me, thanks! But there is one more question. Image grid and Tiled grid don’t approach each other in Tilesets window. Can i change Tiled grid size/proportions, or i should edit an image in that case?

You’re using the example tileset that has 1 pixel margin around the tileset and 1 pixel spacing between the tiles. You need to tell Tiled about this in the New Tileset dialog by setting these properties to 1 to make this tileset work properly.

This example tileset is quite unusual, so in general you’ll just leave those properties on 0. When using OpenGL with smooth scaling however, it is common to add 2 pixels of spacing between the tiles with colors matching the color of the neighboring tile to avoid blending artifacts.