How can i save my setup?

I changed the layout for Tiled on my new PC recently but it wont save it. When i close Tiled it goes back to how i had it laid out on my old PC. By layout, im talking about the Windows i have open and positioned. Like Tilesets, layers, terrains, maps, mini-map, etc. Not the settings in Preferences.

Is there anyway i can save the new layout so it always uses that instead?

heres some screenshots to explain what i mean.

Old Layout:


New Layout:


Hmm, Tiled generally always remembers the layout you used last time and restores it on startup. There is no option to explicitly save or restore a particular layout.

On Windows, the settings are stored in the registry, as documented here. The main window layout for the map editor should be under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\\Tiled\MapEditor\State. I can’t explain why it keeps going back to the layout you’ve used on your old PC though.

I uninstalled and reinstalled it to change the directory to an HDD hard drive instead of the SSD. I forgot to do that part. It works now. Thanks

Ok, the install location actually should not affect the settings, so I’m not sure what exactly fixed it for you now. But nice to hear you’ve got it sorted!