Where is application config data stored? (for sharing w students)

I’m using Tiled in a workshop with young students in a computer lab, and I’d like to be able to have the Tiled application pre-configured for them in a way I believe will suit them best. However, it appears that the application config info (e.g. which tool panels are placed where) is not embedded in the project’s data folder (i.e. where maps and tilesets are), so thus student opening Tiled for the first time will get the default layout instead of the one I’d like them to have. Thus, we will lose precious time going over how to layout the Tiled app panels to suit our project.

Where is the Tiled application user-customized layout info stored? Is there a way to share that configuration info w/ others?



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What operating system are you using?

On linux the config is at ~/.config/mapeditor.org/Tiled.conf.

I do not know where it is on other systems… On windows I would assume it somewhere in the AppData folder. But searching for “Tiled.conf” should tell you its position.


Hey Greg. First of all, thanks for being a patron!

Assuming you’re on Windows, the layout of Tiled’s main window is actually stored in the Windows registry, which I guess makes it hard to share it. I think there’s a way to export registry settings to a .reg file, which can then be imported on another system, so that might be an option.

The default settings are hardcoded into the application, so another approach would be to change those defaults and distribute a custom binary among your students.

Another thing to consider, is that maybe your students would benefit from learning how to rearrange the panels. Maybe it’s a stretch…

Eventually, I should try to make a portable version of Tiled available, which was previously requested on github here:


Such a portable version of Tiled would necessarily need to avoid storing settings in the registry, and would rather use a plain file similar to how it works on Linux and OS X. In this case it would be stored alongside the binary and pretty much work exactly like you want it to.

Out of curiosity, where is the Tiled.conf file located on OS X? A recursive find on the Users directory came up empty.

Oh and it’s not in ~/.config or other hidden folders either.

It’s saved as ~/Library/Preferences/org.mapeditor.Tiled.plist. This seems to be the location for user-specific application settings in general.

Basically, Tiled follows the default behavior of Qt, which is to adapt to the host system regarding how the settings are stored.

Duh, forgot to say which OS I’m using… OSX.

I had looked in ~Library/Application Support, didn’t think to look in ~Library/Preferences…

Many thanks. I’ll push the plist file out to my students via Remote Desktop.

Tiled shows the grèat effort you’ve put into it. Bravo.

Workspace config portability would be useful in shared/collaborative settings, such as edu and team environments.

Right on.