The plug-in cannot be recognized and used

Forgive my English, because I use translation software. After downloading Tiled, I found that even if I checked the plug-in in the preferences, the tbin file was still not recognized on my computer. I initially downloaded 64 and then found that I might need 32. The reinstallation still failed. As shown in the illustration, the Tbin file is not the type that Tiled can open. It was initially available when I downloaded version 1.3 last year. Later, there was an unrecognized problem. I chose to download again when I needed to use it recently, but It doesn’t work anymore.

Would it be possible to set Tiled’s language to English before showing us a screenshot of this error? I can’t read this and the loose translation doesn’t really help in knowing exactly what is going wrong here.

Your second screenshot shows the tbin.dll plugin as successfully loaded, so that part seems fine.