How do i save tilecount attribute in tmx?

I’m having trouble loading my tmx file as the library expects tileset elements to contain a tilecount attribute.

I’ve looked at the xml and the attribute is indeed missing, however I can’t see anything in the tiled editor that would control whether that attribute is saved or not

I figured it out.

The tmx file references a tsx file
That tsx file contains all of the relevant attributes

It’s the loading library (rs_tiled) that needs to better support external tilesets. Perhaps I can fix it by embedding

Hmm, if you mean rs-tiled, it should support this case fine based on the following code:

It first tries to parse the tileset tag as embedded tileset, and when that fails, parses it as tileset reference, which does not need a tilecount attribute.

Which version of this library are you using? If the issue affects the current version, you should consider opening an issue on GitHub.