How do you select multiple tilesets and place them all down?

I want to create a map for a game and I watched a tutorial,but I can’t figure out how he did it. take a look at that video.
At 4:14. When I drag with left click and select the tiles in the tilesets window, and click at import tilesets nothing happens. And when I select it I can’t click on the plus. And when I select the tilesets and hover over the map, It shows as a 1x1 tile. Not like in the video. I think it randomly selects 1 of of the tiles from the tilesset that I selected, but thats not what I want to do. How do I make it place all the selected tilesets and how do I make that cliff property stuff shown in the tutorial?


I don’t understand what you’re describing for the first issue, but for the second one, it sounds like you’re using Random mode. Disable that and you should be able to stamp all your selected tiles down in their original arrangement.

Click this icon so it’s not selected (or use the keyboard shortcut, I believe it’s D).

Ok thanks. Did you take a look at the video I postet?

Yes, but I couldn’t hear a word the narrator was saying so I don’t know what they were trying to do. I didn’t see anything about importing tilesets around the time you stated.

If you maximise the sound then you can understand what he says. Watch like 20 or 30 seconds after the timestemp.

I have my volume on max and still can’t make out what they’re saying :/ I’ve got the subs on, and it looks like they’re calling the “Embed Tileset” button “Import Tileset”, which is incorrect. Embedding just puts the tileset within the map instead of making it external. This is not recommended, as it makes it more complicated to make changes to the tileset, you’ll have to duplicate the changes manually across all your maps.
When you embed the tileset, nothing happens visually because it’s just a settings change, it just causes the tiles to be saved within your map file rather than in an external file. I think you should skip that step. It provides no benefits and has nothing to do with the ability to put multiple tiles down (which I think we’ve already resolved, you just need to turn Random mode off).

It’s a very old video (from 2016), when indeed the “Embed Tileset” button was called the “Import Tileset” button (it was renamed to be less confusing). In this version of Tiled (it was before 1.0), you had to (temporarily) embed the tileset to be able to edit it, since there was no dedicated tileset editor (so tilesets could only be edited while they were part of the map file).

From Tiled 1.0 onwards, if you want to change anything about the tileset (which includes adding tile properties), you need to open it in the tileset editor. You can do this by clicking the “Edit Tileset” button below the tileset.

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