How do you set accurate collision shapes for tile objects in the objects layer

Hey there I’m new to tiled but i’ve gone through the tiled documentation and i’ve not really seen a way to set the exact shape on a tile object,i’m using solar 2d simulator and whenever i add physics to an object the object always appear as a box shape or rectangular shape.It would really help if there was a way to set the actual shape of an object without using rectangles or circles.
this is a picture of the object i want to add physics to in tiled

And this is how it appears in solar 2d simulator

please help is needed here

How are you creating your physics body? According to the Solar2D documentation about creating bodies, it will set up such a rectangular body by default. If you want it to use a more precise shape, you’ll have to supply the vertices like (copied from the docs):

local triangleShape = { 0,-35, 37,30, -37,30 }
physics.addBody( triangle, { shape=triangleShape, density=1.6, friction=0.5, bounce=0.2 } )

Within Tiled, you can use the Tile Collision Editor to draw this shape on your tile. In doing this, be sure to take the restrictions of the Solar2D physics engine into account, in that each shape you draw (there can be multiple) must be convex and its points need to be in clockwise order.

If you’re using a Solar2D extension library to use Tiled, please let us know which one. It may already support this in some way.

thank you for replying, i used the tile collision editor to set collision shapes but it gives a rectangular shape when i enable show tile collision shapes i the view tab,even polygon lines give a rectangular shape.i just want to know if there is a way to make the tile object take exactly the shape of the polygon lines that i draw around it.I’m using Ponytiled extension library to use tiled.