How to change the display language to english


I just download tiled and installed it on my windows PC, and its language is Chinese when I opened it

I have changed my computer system language to English, and tried to uninstall/installed the software by installer or using snapshot

But the display language still kept Chinese, I googled and found some one suggested to use editor/preferance option to change the language, but didn’t found that on windows build

So how to change the language to English, it’s very hard to follow the turtior with Chinese displayment

Ok, find it now,

It’s in the 编辑->参数
maybe it’s because “参数” is rarely used as preference for translation, it means parameters actually, so consider to change it to “首选项” which is mostly used.

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Thanks for the suggestion! This is a common problem with translations when the translator is not aware of the context or of common translations of certain concepts.

I’ve now changed the translation for both the menu item and the Preference dialog’s title to “首选项”. Note that the title of the dialog used an again different translation “设置”. Did you see that before?

Btw, you can make any other improvements to the Chinese translation directly at Weblate: Tiled/Tiled — Chinese (Simplified) @ Hosted Weblate


Thanks for the reply, “首选项” and “设置” are both suitable for ‘preference’ here, but “设置” is meaning “settings”, And I just checked most softwares like PhotoShop are using “首选项” for both the menu item and title of the dialog.

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