How to create walls

I’m trying to create a map and figure out how to do walls, so that you can’t walk through them. So I understand that the Collision Editor is somehow involved?

What I tried to do:

  • edited my tileset. I opened the Collision Editor for the tile I draw all my walls with and drew a rectangle over it. Then I saved the tileset.
  • After that I created a tile layer called “walls” and drew my walls with that tile in the “walls”-layer
  • my figure should be drawn on the “floorLayer”-object layer according to the documentation of the application I’m using
  • my “wall”-tilelayer is below that.


  • I cannot use object layers aside from the “floorLayer”-layer.
  • it is a topdown-map, so 2D.
  • I can only work with embedded tilesets.

It should work like in the map here:, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Your link doesn’t work.

The way to do collision depends on your game engine and parser, and you haven’t mentioned what you’re using. You may need to assign collision to the wall tiles using the Collision Editor, or you may need to have a separate tile layer to denote collision, or there may be some other method that the engine or parser expects.

I actually solved it today, but thanks anyway. I will also post my solution for anyone looking for it.

So this applies if you want to create maps for
In order to create walls or other things you don’t want your character to move over, you don’t need the collision editor at all. Just edit the tileset, click on the tile you want collision for and then create a new bool property “collides” and check it. That’s it.

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As i a m working also on workdadventure, i also suggest to create a layer dedicated to collide, with just a tile like this image bellow, so you can use this layer to put blocks on the map easely.
And with the option vue / highlight urrent layer, it is easy to see where blocks are.