How to delete tiles by a appointed tile id in command?

I use the “Autoplacing Corner Tiles” to fast create ocean-groud map , but then I need to split ocean-tile to another layer .
Can i split it , or select all ocean-tile in map by a command ? Thanks!

You can use the Select Same Tile selection tool, holding Shift to add to the selection while clicking each of the tiles you’d like to move to another layer. Then, press Ctrl+X to cut and Ctrl+V to paste, which pastes onto the stamp brush so you can put the tiles down in the other layer.

In a snapshot build (or the next feature release), there is also a “Layer via Cut” action to do this in one step.

Unfortunately, splitting the layer will break further editing with the Terrain Tool, for which you’d have to merge the layer down again. Why actually do you need your ocean tiles on another layer?

glad for the feature of new version .
Thank you!